Progressive jackpot slots – real opportunity to win

Progressive jackpot slots – real opportunity to win

Progressive jackpot slots are rather attractive for players. The more users play the progressive jackpot slots online, the greater would be the final the reward. However, often, in order to qualify for the jackpot, the player needs to bet the maximum amount. No big surprise that there are a lot of those who want to risk everything.

The principle of progressive jackpots

There are no clear strategies for breaking the jackpot, since it is impossible to reliably predict the outcome of the random number generator.

When playing in progressive slot machines, you need to consider that in order to get the maximum winnings, in most cases you need to make large bets. As a rule, this is the maximum amount of 5 coins. You can bet less, but then, having won the jackpot, the player will receive a significantly lower payout only because the bet was not maximum.

Main types for online slots with progressive jackpot winners

The main ones for today are three:

  • “Stand Alone Progressive” – the jackpot is formed on the basis of one slot machine and bets made only on it. The jackpot here is not huge, but the chances of winning it are much higher than in other options.
  • “In House” – a progressive jackpot is accumulated in a certain online casino from all slot machines of this gambling establishment.
  • “Area Wide” – used for large cumulative jackpots. The prize pool is formed by an independent provider, which receives deductions from a whole network of casinos using this gaming software.

Jackpot Counter

This is an important information component that all progressive slots possess. The jackpot counter in real time shows players the current size of the prize pool. If to look at the psychology of human perception, then this is one of the most powerful advertising tools. The results od such approach are guaranteed.

Therefore, the counter, as a rule, is large, decorated in bright colors and placed directly in front of the player’s eyes. A person is simply fascinated by the opportunity to monitor how the size of the prize pool grows while the reels of slot machines spin.

Jackpot counters are also placed not only on the site of the online casino itself – they are actively used as advertising on thematic information resources and banners.

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