Progressive slots online: benefits and top games

Progressive slots online: benefits and top games

Among a variety of modern slots, generously scattered around classic and online casinos, it is difficult to choose which version to play. Especially if you realize the importance of choice.

When we choose a specific type of slots, we get not only a game with a certain set of rules and prizes, but also a unique gaming experience that is matched to different players.

Therefore, the latest versions, bonus and progressive, have gained great popularity among players, especially progressive slots online that attract by astronomical jackpots that everyone can win.

Advantages of progressive slots

Progressive Slots are a network of slot machines that have a combined jackpot. Every time someone plays a game with a progressive jackpot, its total amount grows until one lucky winner hits the jackpot. Accordingly, the size of the jackpot will depend on how many people play the game.

Benefits of progressive online slots:

  • By playing online you increase your anonymity, which means you reduce possible problems with other people. Everyone doesn’t need to know that you have won a large amount. This is certainly not possible to avoid when playing in a land-based casino;
  • High-security withdrawal. Choosing reliable casinos, you can be sure that the winnings will not be lost on the way to you;
  • Playing online is convenient, all you need is a smartphone, PC or tablet and an Internet connection.

Online casino progressive slots are the perfect match who prefer to play long-lasting gambling. A cumulative jackpot increases its amount with each new round. Sooner or later a player can break the bank, which will more than cover all previous failures and loses. You can see how the jackpot increases in a specific window. There are also a lot of options.

Types of progressive slots

The founder of progressive jackpots is the first developer of online slots – Microgaming. And the jackpot of this particular company in the game Mega Moolah in the 2015th year hit the Guinness Book of Records. The jackpot was won by a player named Jon Heywood, and the prize amount was EUR17,800,000.

Let’s also highlight some type of progressive jackpot slots online:

  • isolated – the formation of a prize within a single machine that is not connected to others;
  • own – the formation of a jackpot through several networked slot machines, within one casino;
  • network – the accumulation of the prize pool occurs by several slot machines using software from one manufacturer.

Two progressive jackpots, fruit symbols and nothing more – this is a paradise for fans of gambling. And all this about slot game Jolly Fruits. The Novomatic game continues the series of classic slots, it pleases with excellent graphics, intuitive controls, and high payouts.

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