Las Vegas progressive slots – put a cent, win millions of dollars!

Las Vegas progressive slots – put a cent, win millions of dollars!

Progressive slots are famous for their big wins. However, the main reason that players choose progressive slots is their increased winnings, depending on the bets. In such slots, you can win a fortune by betting even one cent, with almost no risk.

Especially famous is the progressive slot Las Vegas wheel of fortune progressive slots, whose prize pool is several tens of millions of dollars and is one of the biggest in the game world. Many say that such slots very rarely give winnings, but this is not so.

Real professionals in the gambling industry prefer this particular area, especially slots that have software similar to what is in the capital of the gambling business – Las Vegas. Fortunately, new products from casinos in the city of Nevada arrive every week in the most advanced online gaming casinos.

Is there a progressive jackpot winning strategy

The main strategy for playing slots, regardless of whether they are progressive or not, is the choice of machines with low wins. The lower the gain, the greater the likelihood that the gambler will win.

Unfortunately, with an increase in the amount of prize money, the probability of winning a jackpot decreases. Therefore, this must be taken into account when playing slot machines.

Features playing with progressive jackpots

The main feature of slot machines with progressive slots Las Vegas is the fact that the rate of any user is divided into 3 parts.

  • The first one stays in the casino.
  • The second creates a jackpot prize pool.
  • The third is paid to the client for prizes in combinations.

In such devices, the percentage of return is slightly underestimated – on average it is 93%. This is due to the fact that each bet of any user increases the jackpot, so the developers of the slots reduce RTP.

Some progressive winnings can accumulate in one gambling establishment in a particular device. In this case, the maximum payout will increase for a long time.

There are entire networks of video slots in which the jackpot grows in mathematical progression, but at the same time the jackpot increases significantly and the chances of getting it decrease.

Best slots with progressive jackpots

Many players care about how to choose the best progressive slots in Las Vegas and which slot should I play in. In order to win megabucks and choose the best progressive slot in Las Vegas online casinos, you need to follow these tips from professional players:

  • Any video jackpot slot should be thoroughly studied. Before placing real money, go to the information section and get acquainted with the rules for winning the maximum prize.
  • Give preference to jackpot machines that have not been won for at least 4 weeks and have an impressive size.
  • Play classic video slots with three reels – it is much easier to win in them, because in such games there are fewer prize signs, which means that the chance of creating the right combination increases.
  • To win the entire progressive jackpot, you need to make maximum bets. Do not spare money if you want to win more.
  • If you managed to get a prize pool of a slot machine, then do not place bets in it until a new jackpot is formed.

These are the main ones.


Choose the best progressive slots in Las Vegas online casinos and win. It is quite real for everyone.

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